Southern Kalee

First Impressions

It’s impossible not to notice Kalee’s breasts when you visit her site. They’re fake – natural breasts simply aren’t that perky – but to me they look just about as good as a pair can. She also has a super cute face that when combined with her breasts makes her look like the seductive girl next door. Also notable are the pictures of her sucking dick; Kalee is a hardcore babe and with a boyfriend that loves to fuck. The presence of those images has me looking forward to her site more than anything else.

Hot Promises

Kalee is a real amateur girl who has always loved getting naked and showing off for people. It was just a natural evolution for her to start her own site and make a little money of those desires. She has lots of pictures inside of her getting naked, masturbating, giving head and having hot sex. She promises to get really naughty for you and the pictures offered on the free tour show some seriously hot stuff going on. Check it out for a few full sized images and then head inside for the real show to begin.


When you first enter the member’s area Kalee greets you with a welcome message talking about all the things there are to see on her site and what she enjoys most. There are links to the newest pictures and videos, although the dates on which that content was added are missing, leading me to believe that the site is no longer updated. Also on the main page are links to the 10 bonus sites that come free with your membership. There are a ton of advertisements as well.

Kalee has 47 picture galleries for her members. Each gallery comes with 50-100 pictures in general and they feature a wide variety of activities. In some you’ll see her posing in a sexy outfit and stripping for you. In others you’ll watch as she goes down on her man or fucks him. You never see his face; most of the hardcore galleries are shot from a POV perspective, which makes it so you can put your imagination to use.

Kalee is probably in her early 20s and she has a huge pair of tits, so it wouldn’t really be possible for her to work the teen babe look. Knowing that, she avoids doing so and instead goes for the sultry babe look. She poses in outfits like a short skirt and a low cut tank top, or a skin tight pink dress with glitter in the fabric. She has a few sexy lingerie sets that she brings out as well, and those look fabulous on her. She also has a few costumes that seem to turn her on, which is always fun.

The picture galleries can be viewed in a medium or high resolution; you choose which you’d like before entering the gallery. You can also view the galleries via the slideshow feature, which allows you to customize the speed at which the pictures go by, how big they are, etc. There are a great many options for enjoying the content, which is always a plus.

There are two picture galleries that really stood out to me. The first features Kalee posing solo wearing a black nighty with tassles along the bottom. It’s made from a semi-sheer material and it looks absolutely fantastic on her sexy body. She’s posing in her living room and she writhes around on the chair, showing us every angle of her body before getting completely naked and spreading her pussy. The other gallery features Kalee wearing a tiny red dress and giving her husband a blowjob. She drops to her knees and pulls his cock right out of his pants. In the end he cums in her mouth and she swallows.

There are ten video clips at SouthernKalee, and some of them are awfully sexy. The first clips she ever uploaded were of her and her husband having sex in their bedroom. She’s wearing a sexy black nighty when the scene begins and playing with her pussy while the camera zooms in. Then she gives him a blowjob and then they fuck hard. She rides him, they do it missionary style, and he takes her from behind. He even plays with her asshole at one point, really turning up the heat.

Each video is available for download in a WMV file. The trouble is that each scene is only available at 320x240, which is far too low a resolution for true enjoyment. Even if you run it at 2x size it’s not going to look great on a high resolution machine. There’s no way to solve this problem, but I still think the hardcore videos are worth downloading because Kalee is such a tasty babe.

There’s a section of the member’s area labeled webcam video, but don’t get excited when you first see it. If you visit the page there’s a graphic telling you not to worry because it’s coming soon, but the site is no longer updated so those videos are never coming. However, there’s another section simply labeled webcam and there you’ll find 12-15 free webcam shows a month featuring other girls from the Spunky network, of which Kalee is a part. Four different girls put on shows, so you’ll have a nice selection to choose from.

In the friends section you’ll find 20 galleries featuring other girls from around the web. They provide a small bonus for you and are a decent way to scout out other sites to consider joining. Kalee also has more than 25 desktop wallpapers you can use to spruce up your computer. They feature her looking the best she ever has and are available in four resolutions to accommodate all computer setups. There’s also a bonus section that offers all sorts of video feeds featuring teen babes posing, sucking dick, having sex and more.

Finally there are the 10 bonus sites that come free with your membership. Since Kalee’s site wasn’t active for very long she didn’t provide much content for her members in the long term. Because of that you’ll want to examine the bonus sites carefully before choosing whether or not to join. Eight sites feature solo babes and each is structured in the same way as Kalee’s. There are pictures, videos, webcam videos in some cases, and wallpapers. The other two are a hardcore site starring porn stars and a teen babe site starring two hotties who love to pose naked together and make out.

Croco’s Opinion

Given how smitten I was with Kalee’s look I found her site to be quite pleasant. She stopped producing new content long before she had created enough to keep her site relevant for months on end, but I really enjoyed the minimal amount she produced. She’s a total hottie with a great body, but I recognize that some people will not enjoy her very obviously fake breasts. If you don’t then this probably isn’t the place for you; if you love them then you’ll love everything she’s done in her member’s area.


The member’s area is easy to browse and all the sections are clearly labeled. The picture galleries are well done and the videos are simple to download.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card or online check. Either way it’s $24.95 for the first 30 days and $24.95 every 30 days after that.

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